Spades: A Family Game

> Why Spades is a great Family game!

Ever since playing cards were invented centuries ago they have provided hours of family entertainment. Since the very first decks emerged in Europe in 1370 or so, cards and card games remain popular and Spades is one of the most exciting and popular to be found. Families love it for a variety of reasons.

Almost every home has a deck of cards
Playing cards can be found in almost every home, even in those of people that don’t play a lot of games to begin with. Today, almost $150 million dollars is spent annually in the United States on playing cards. From Spades to Bridge and various forms of poker, playing cards are the world’s favorite source of gaming fun by far.

Spades can be played anywhere
The portability of playing cards means that Spades can be played almost anywhere. Families can play at their dining table, on a picnic table in the park, or even at the beach on a blanket. Taking along a deck of cards on a vacation trip can be a great way to fill up the evening hours in a hotel. Spades doesn’t require a board like chess or checkers. All a family needs are a deck of cards, a pad of paper, and a pen for scorekeeping.

Spades is easy to learn and play
The rules of Spades are very child-friendly. After a few times learning how to bid their hand and play the proper cards, children can become Spades experts. It also helps that a game of Spades can be played quickly given most children’s attention span. Using a Bridge-sized deck of playing cards is good when playing with children because the smaller cards are easy for them to shuffle.

Spades lets the family bond
Because Spades is usually played by teams of two (although it is certainly possible to play head-to-head) it is a great choice for family game nights that allow the family to bond and spend time together. Father and son can compete against mom and daughter or the children can join forces against the parents. Because the game appeals to a wide range of age groups it is also great to play when the grandparents come to visit. In this day and age when video games have encouraged solitary forms of recreation, Spades is a nice way to bring the family together