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> Real money Spades but where to play?

If you want to play Spades for money online, avoid ! To the best of our knowledge there are no reputable Spades sites and thus we will not recommend any for you here. However, if you like to play rummy games for money you can click on the banner to the right to visit RummyRoyal. Highly recomendable by the masses!

A few seconds ago, you probably clicked on the link to this website in the search results as it best matched your search phrase which was porbably something like "spades for money".

Since acquiring this domain things have changed and i can no longer recommend a site for spades players. At this point in time, there is one web site that is and it is NOT RECOMENDED to play at that site anymore. They are nothing but a scam ... It is in your best interest to stay away!!!

In all honesty, when launched Spadester started out as a fair site for players and webmasters/affiliates who promote them. I have promoted & their spades software via this web site for some time and that was a great program and software platform to promote and inform visitors about.

However based on personal experience and from what other players have experienced, if you choose to download and play for real money you will be disapointed. Unless things have changed, which based on my most recent research it has not changed much.

My advise it not to waste your money at spades but instead play Rummy! Use google & you will find all the reports you need. Search for spadester scam or anything else that comes to mind. For the record, below is what my review used to state, i have removed all links to spadester because... that is right... redirecting you to their site would be the wrong thing for me to do. ( you can thank me later! )

You came here, you read my post so i don't want you leaving not having found anything so here you go ladies and gentlemen:

Play one of the most popular online games .. RUMMY ! I''m sure you have played Gin rummy at some point, if not that is ok too. I urge you to consider the skill based game RUMMY and you can get 5$ free bonus using the link above. You have nothing to loose, check out Rummy Royal and who knows, you may end up playing and making money frequently if you are a solid rummy player. Review

>> Where can i play spades against the computer or Live? or Where can i play spades online? Review

The card game Spades, is a very fun and exciting game that can be played online and in fact, you can play spades for money against other live players and not just against some automated bot/computer. You could do both, live tournaments are more fun, take it from a spades player!

Until recently this game was only playable for free and for fun offline & online but things have now changed and the game that many of us love... SPADES... can be played for REAL money online.

It is a game of skill unlike any other and if you have played spades before than you are very aware of that.

If you play the card game, or shall i say spades for money, your chances of winning some real money are fairly good if you can beat your live opponent. To play spades for money, you would need to start by downloading the spades for real money software that would make it all possible. It is powered by spadester and you can be assured that you will not be facing any spyware, you will not be forced to install unwanted components ONLY the Spades software free of charge that will allow you to compete in live tournaments with players worldwide!

Some sites are selling a different spades software but you are unable to play spade for money, not to mention that many of the cool features are lacking too. Currently you will be able to play 3 different variants of the card games.

You can play: Individual, Cutthroat and Partnership and other variants of the spades game.

In a way, playing the card game is like playing at an online poker table with live opponents but spades is much easier to learn and win at. You need the skills and there is no better way that to practice than using the free software - It is a simple and fast download!

Perhaps you have played at a casino? This is not a casino either, it is a skills game that lets you win money. You can play spades for money from any country, including USA and Canada! The Skills game Spades offered at is in fact legal as it is not a game of chance but a game of skill! You can deposit and play spades for money very easily! You can play spades tournaments for money and winning is not that hard. The table Buy-ins are fairly low too!

Give the game of spades and our software a chance to impress you. We feel you will simply love it but be warned, this game is highly addictive :).

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Download the Spadester Software and join in on the fun & interactive card game! Play today the game of spades for money! Don't forget to claim the Free bonus after signing up as a player, free or for real.

spadester Web site to play spades for money

Spadester Software for playing spades for money







The site that we have chosen to inform you about, offer not just any spades for money software for free download but the latest state of the art software with cool features that you will not find elsewhere! You can rest assured that when playing you will be in a safe and friendly environment with lots of fellow spades players. It is one big online community.

The online spades tournaments offered are great for beginners and aged experienced professionals in the game. Three different types of Spades games are offered & player for Money: Cutthroat, Individual, and Partnership

It is fun for everyone over 18 who wish to play the card game for some real money and it will raise the excitement of the game once you decide to make a small or large deposit using a credit card. It is that simple!

The software that lets you play spades for real money is free and compatible with Windows, Linux & Mac OS. I believe you are ready to download the software and play the game. At least give it a try for fun and once convinced, go ahead and make a deposit, you may find an extra source of side income and you can thank us later for having introduced you to :)

It all starts here with one click to go to the spadester site and explore it all in more depth: CLICK HERE TO VISIT SPADESTER

play now for fun with other player .. LIVE